Saturday, September 22, 2007

First day of autumn

Ok .... I'm back but this time I'll write my blog in Bahasa Melayu instead of English as I'm now staying in Toronto , so I'm a proud Malaysian ...gitu !!!!! I write in English + Melayu , OK !!!

My Journey :

I bertolak dari KLIA on the 17/09/07 @ 3.30 petang ke Abu Dhabi , first time flying with ETIHAD Airways , UAE national carrier , so I sampai Abu Dhabi 6.20 petang , so sempat lagi le nak buka puasa ... I dapat free dinner from the airline and sedih nye kena makan sorang-sorang dah abis makan I've no choice to lepak kat terminal as my flight to Toronto bertolak pukul 2pagi Abu Dhabi local time. 14hours flight , babe , so penat I tidor je le all the way ... pelbagai style tidor ... kaki kat atas , senget , terkankang , macam - macam le ... but the best part the seat for the economy class for this airline - superb , so big & you can reclined the seat to the maximum , tak rugi le naik ETIHAD Airways... makanan pun best sangat , ye le dah lapor ... so I sampai Toronto at 9.00 am but after immigration clearance and tunggu nak ambik my luggage , I keluar from the airport at 10.00 am ... you imagine lama tak lama... so lepas tu jumpa my hubby kat luar ... Romantic tak romantic my hubby , ade buat banner " Welcome Home my Queen " , bukan tu je ... my favourite bagel pun ade ... Sedozen bagel , but what I can say memang bagel kat sini sodap ... I boleh makan bagel tu je tau...Sampai je umah , I kemas I punya luggage and I take a very good rest ...

Ronda - Ronda Toronto :

The next day je I terus gi melawat Toronto ... I gi tour pulau opposite the city ... lupa le namenye .. kat situ ade gay nude beach I , with my hubby gi le beach tu ... so you know pelbagai jenis rupe nye , hitam , kuning langsat , yang pucat , merah udang , any colour and bentuk le ... free show gitu ... It's a very nice island , what I can say ... you can see CN tower from that Island and that island itself pun memang cantik... dah le cuace cantik and the leafs pun started to change colour ... so cantek le ...cuaca panas tapi sangat sejuk - sejuk manje gitu ... we both balik rumah around 6pm and we had dinner at home and my hubby best friend come over to join us for dinner.

Today , we both pegi flea market kat St Jacob's ... so menarik , macam - macam ada !!!! Tapi I beli fresh jagung , and other things too as on Monday morning we both decided to stay at my hubby holiday cottage up north at Haliburton ... so most proably will be staying there for a week ... best bangat ... Ok .. Till then ...Cya


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Especially for You - GymFreaks


i'm leaving on a jet plane...

"i'm ... i'm ...all my bags are packed, i'm ready to go"

it's been months in coming, and now, i can't believe that it's finally here. tomorrow, i'm finally off.

Am i gonna be a happy one!

i know there are quite a few of you who will be checking my blog religiously regularly whilst i'm away, so i'll endeavour to update this space as much as possible - time and access permitting - though i can't make guarantees.

i'd like to thank my friends and colleagues for a very memorable last week of get-togethers, parties, food and drink... lots of drink. i'm already getting a very good head-start.

so for now, a bid you all a fond farewell, so long, auf wiedersehen, goodbye...
"'cause i'm leaving on a jet plane..."


Monday, September 3, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane & Goodbye

John Denver - Leaving on a jet plane & Goodbye again - great
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