Monday, January 26, 2009

Celebration ...

First, it's Chinese New Year today and I wanna wish everyone 恭喜發財, especially at this credit crunch time when we are all feeling the pinch!

And of course, before eating all the egg fried rice and sweet and sour pork, lighting up fireworks, watching Lion dance, greeting 'married' relatives for a chance to get some 利是, and getting all sorts of lucky charms !!! Happy Year of the Ox!


Monday, January 19, 2009

On this date ...

2 years ago, this was a big day for me. It was my wedding day. Today January 19 is our second year wedding anniversary. Can you believe it?!? It has gone by so fast. I want to hold onto every day and not let go. That’s not possible, so I have to make every day count. DMG is my partner, my friend, my forever love ...It takes only a moment to say I love you ... but it will take a lifetime to show you how very much .

What will we do to celebrate? We decided to wait until the weekend to celebrate.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Are You a Control Freak?

DMG & I have to deal with a control freaks on a daily basis. His father and my father-in-law.

Control freaks are the most irritating form of life I have come across. If you have a family member who is like this or are unfortunate enough to have married one it is very difficult to turn your back on them which is what they deserve. They have no conscience since everything they do is a consequence of your actions. Every simple request is a battle of wills. They feed of negative energy and are the eternal victims. Walk away from them permanently if possible.

I think it sounds terrible to say that one should just walk away from a "control freak" - surely, one has to keep some distance, but that's a subtle thing, and depends also on how close you want to be that person yourself. Control freaks are people, too, with their good and bad sides. And they need lots of love, especially because they are having such a hard time.

Control freaks can be very kind people in a way, too. A good cause can go wrong when the nurturing or instruction becomes too intrusive. Sometimes it's pleasant to be cared after, and then it's not.

I am writing this as I've read a great deal about control freaks as people or how they behave in personal relationships so if someone else reads this who has a 'control freak' father or father in-law they know they're not the only ones! Thanks for reading!


Friday, January 9, 2009

What type of person are you ... ???

Britney is absolutely right in her newest single Circus, there's only two types of people in the world - the ones that entertain, and the ones that observe. I know I am by nature a passive, observing type of person and how about you ?


Sunday, January 4, 2009

T for Tag ...

A word tag is moving around in the blogosphere.So I have decided to incorporate this tag with a round up of the important events of my life and the lessons I have learned in past few years.

B for Blog :- I began blogging actively in April and boy, was I glad to discover this wonderful world!! I discovered a new talent inside me, made some very good friends and received a lot of feedback for blogging this year. People actually like what I write!! Wow!!! Yooo hooo!!! Lesson learned - Its never too late to discover something wonderful inside you. If you have it, people will appreciate it.

B for Boring :- I am not ashamed to admit I can be the most boring person at a party. Sometimes I’m just not feeling it and I often find myself where i don’t belong.

C for Coffee :- I love coffee.. but not to the point of addiction

C for Cooking :- I am in cooking mode lately. Everyone who knew me in University knows that all I can whip up are cup noodles and hot water, but not anymore! I’ve been learning how to cook and so far the results are not half bad. They tell me it’s good, either it’s really good or they are good liars LOL. I think I can survive now even when I end up stuck in the middle of nowhere. So maybe I cannot fight wild gorillas but at least I can feed myself while they haven’t come yet right?

F for Friends :- I consider my friends the most important people in my life.. after my family of course.

L for Loyal :- I’m a VERY loyal person.. & I tend to expect at least the same.I detest un-loyal people.. and I loose my respect for them & never trust them ever.

L for Love :- I’ve only truly fallen in love once in my lifetime.

L for Late :- I cannot handle being late to any sort of event. I will be in a state of serious mental anxiety until I have safely arrived at my destination in good time. Just ask "DMG". It happens every day on the way to work.:-)

M for Music :- I heart music, and I’m so picky about the music I listen, although I can listen to any genre.

M for Movies :- 2008 has been a year of some wonderful movies. My pick for the best movie of 2008 will be Slumdog Millionaire. Its just too awesome!! The biggest disappointment was the postponement of Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince. Lesson learned - When in tension or depression of any sort, watch movie. Works every time.

M for Multitasking :- This year I have juggled so many tasks at once that I am assured of the fact that I really am a Scorpio. 2008 has been a very busy year. Lesson learned - Get a pocket memo…mental notes can lead to data loss if one day your brain decides a time out. Its ok to be busy but always unwind once a month by taking a day off.

Q for Quest :- In 2008, the eternal quest for peace of mind finally began to see a light on the horizon. After few years of emotional stress I feel my mind is at peace now. Peace that comes out of trust. Lesson learned - Trust is the most important thing. God does listen to prayers.

Q for Question :- 2008 has been full of both questions - personal, professional, academic and answers too which I have sought out myself; except the academic ones which were found in books Lesson learned - Wrong decisions are the ones that are easy to make. The right ones are usually hard. The right answers are always there in our subconscious minds..sometimes we just choose to ignore them.

Q for Quit :- I quit the tag now. Lesson learned - When tagged, do it asap so that others can’t tag you. Even if they do, tell them you have already done the tag.

T for Tag :- She’s a sweet, shopaholic gal, that I call a friend who tagged me !!!

W for Weight :- I always complain about my weight. This is purely the idea of My Man. He says I am obsessed with my weight. I am so not! But he says I am. It’s just that over the holidays I gained 10 lbs. I am so looking forward to loosing weight. Ugh.

As for tagging, I tag nobody, but anyone who would like to do it (in its altered state of course!) is more than welcome to!


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello 09...

May this year bring love to all of you and teach us all to respect everyone and the world we live in. So take care of each other.