Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Canada Day

My friend reminded me that July 1st, is Canada Day. So to all of you Canadians out there, Happy Canada Day!


Toronto's Pride Parade

Toronto’s Pride Parade UNIFIED! 2008 is about more than a Parade. It’s about you. It’s about your Pride. It’s about our time together. A Pride Parade that is all yours to celebrate.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy first day of summer!

Summertime - Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

Enjoy it, folks, it whatever way you choose. I think some air conditioning and a delicious ice cream cone sound just about perfect.


Stay Strong..

Many of us now are dealing with different kinds of problems. About family, school, work, relationships, Marriage, money, etc. It’s really hard right? most especially inside us. A really weird feeling that you cant explain. Sometimes you want to give up. But don’t. I learned that this trials are actually our strength. When you’re encountering it now, you’ll think it’s stupid but it actually don’t. If you surpass it, you’ll realize it.

I’m still encountering many trails now, but i still believe that this will soon be over and i know God is guiding me. He always does.

Just stay strong and believe that it’ll soon be over. Like Robert Schuller said “Tough times never last but tough people do!” So stay strong, God will always be there to help you. You’ll become a better and stronger person. Life is a test.


Father’s Day

Happy belated Father’s Day to any father’s that are reading….sorry I’m almost a week late! I hope you all had a wonderful day!


Friday, June 6, 2008

Just another good dinner in Toronto ...

We went to Restoran Malaysia in Richmond Hill since DMG promised to take me to try some food from my home country, Malaysia. We were pretty luck to get a table when we arrived there because last time, I went there I had to wait for 1 hour (we had 4ppl though). Since it’s just the two of us, I guess it’s easier to get a table.

We went a little bit crazy with the food. We ordered 3 dishes. For the dishes, we had Satay (Chicken & Beef) , Nasi Lemak Melaka and Chicken Pineapple Sweet and Sour . In addition, I also ordered Teh Tarik ^^… mmm delicious.

I highly recommend this restaurant for those who want to try the taste of Malaysia . The price is pricey in my opinion since the portion is kinda small-medium size. It cost $54.00++ for both of us including tax and tips since I went little bit crazy with the food ^^;;


Sex and The City Movie !!!


Detailing how I held my breath while watching the girls on the big screen.

“you have to risk the love you have for each other in the future will not allow that to happen…” - Steve & Miranda discussing about distrust and betrayal

“i love you but i love me more…” - Sam to Smith

“I feel happy everyday…” - Charlotte on her marriage to Henry

“we’ve already done everything we can to screw it up and we are now together…” Carrie to John


My heart wrenched when John couldn’t step out of his car into the wedding reception. When Carrie hit him with her beautiful bouquet of white flowers I thought that was it - THE last straw. Poor Carrie. I believed most girls would be able to sympathise with her. His promises emptied on the most important day. How cruel.

I was “wowed” when Miranda and Carrie had their big fight. But made up and were still best of friends.

Samantha on her love for Smith. She couldn’t love him more than herself. I thought she had already maxed her capacity to change for Smith. Waiting at home to surprise Smith on Valentines’ is something she has never done. Remember Richard? She ended it off the same way when she pulled off her pearly thong and left it on the table. She NEVER liked waiting.

Charlotte played a less significant role in SATC Movie. Only that some miracles happen - She finally got pregnant! True to her nature, Charlotte was so ever supportive and faithful to love. I still remember her chirping - If she hadnt gotten married to Trey, she would have gotten divorced and have met her lawyer and current husband Henry.

In the end - Sam was left single. I wasnt surprised. I would be surprised if she had chosen marriage over botox! Haha! At 50, She was the only one celebrating the joy of being single and she loved it every bit of it.

Steve and Miranda - Forgiveness is forgiveness. Will we be able to forgive? But Miranda forgave his infidelity. I thought It was hard for Miranda to forgive Steve - Given her strong headed character, cheating once would meant the chance to cheat again. When she gave up her life for a married one with Steve that was her compromise. But for the kids, women swallow their pride and forgive - Is that why most women stay in bad relationships? May happen to some men as well.

10 long years - After Aidan, after Berger, after Alex… it came down to Big.

Congrats to Carrie!


Monday, June 2, 2008

Pillow Fight Toronto

What does every young child dream of while growing up, if it’s not to have a massive pillow fight in the middle of the downtown core with thousands of other random individuals? Okay, so maybe they don’t really dream of these sorts of grand-scale pillow fights, but this one - it’s a reality.

Last Saturday, May 31st at 7:00pm, Newmindspace alongside thousands of random pillow-wielding individuals in Nathan Phillips Square to fulfil the pillow fight fantasy of your dreams. Whether you’re experiencing the frustration incumbent with the commencement of summer school, need to relieve the frustration (or anger!) of another monotonous and odious work week, or whether you simply want to go out and (gently) beat people with a (soft) pillow, then this event is for you. All of the event details can be found on the Newmindspace website or on the Facebook event page.