Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm Coming Out ...

Yes, it may not have been the biggest surprise to anyone in the world that Ricky Martin is gay. This was the worst kept secret in Hollywood. I used to (still do) have the biggest crush on Ricky Martin.

Coming out rich is much easier than coming out poor. Coming out is not a destination but a journey.I am not totally out to all my family. My father still lives in the dark although he has stopped asking if I have a girlfriend. The rest of my family is cool with it .... actually I think they would be upset if I was straight. I'm the "gay uncle, son and brother". Coming out is much easier now than it used to... at least in Canada and Australia. But in some countries, it is still against the law to come out. Religion , fear and hate. It's a bit sad to think that our sexuality (who we can love) is 'decided' not by us but by outer forces or how others view us. Seriously, what it has to do with them ?!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Tim Hortons Roll-Up the Rim

The Roll-Up-the-Rim event is back on at Tim Horton's and I find myself amongst the millions of Canadians who warm up their thumbs in preparation. I rely upon the caffeine for my early morning boost. I only buy the small size cup, it provides just the right amount of kick to my mornings. But, during the event I splurge on the extra ten cents for a medium in slim hope that I will win something, anything !!! I only won a free coffee and a donut. The contest runs until May 30,2010 so i have lots of time to keep trying and so do you.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Love is no longer till death do us part ...

Everything seems to have an expiration …people, lives, relationships…love and emotions. Sometimes that can be good…otherwise we would be heartbroken forever. That’s life…drama…messy..up and downs…it’s not a fairy tale. Love is a risk..involves all kind of trust. I don't wanna get into a relationship just because i'm lonely ~ but sadly, quite a bit of people marry for the wrong reason!!! The key to a long term relationship is to stop faking and start dealing with your own issues. I’m through fake relationships…I want the real thing or nothing at all.Life is definitely too short not to tell the person you are in love with them that you love them. And love is all around…even if you are single…love of family…friends and yourself. Relationships like everything in life have a life span…they end, begin again and the whole cycle repeats itself over and over again. Some are only temporary, some are for a few months or years and some are just for one night. But the long term relationship is with yourself, now that lasts a lifetime. Relationships , it is complicated.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Single Man

Wow! What an extraordinary film! Here's another vote for Colin Firth.If you're expecting action or the highs and lows of outward character development, go see something else; this will bore you. However, I thought this was very well done for what it was. It shows not only the devastation of losing a life partner but also how isolating that was for someone who's gay (and still happens all too often today) Have you ever lost someone who was utterly central in your life? Seconds tick by like hours - the movie, mirroring this, seems to drag. I liked the film's use of 1950s washed out monochrome and then colour to convey the main character's level of connection to the world. Curiously, I often found myself the only person laughing in many parts. Perhaps others were a bit horrified by the emotional devastation of the story and it seemed insensitive to laugh. Maybe you had to have experienced something like that to see how funny some parts were, especially contrasted to the poignancy of the situation. It's a rare movie that doesn't move me to tears at some point, but for the most part, this one didn't for some reason. I'm not sure if that was something about me or the movie. Definitely worth seeing if you won't be bored by a lack of action, sex and highs and lows. Who knows what the author intended but Ford has produced a thoughtful movie from the original story and, hopefully, there are many more Ford productions to come.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm Sorry

Damn it! Remember I've promised you guys that I'll update my blog everyday in January. Well I FAILED. Please will you forgive me? I'll make up for it by updating you guys what happened to me in the month of January till now ...

Nothing much happened in January , besides busy with my new work ... and extremely cold weather here in TO , not as bad as last year.

Wishing all my readers Happy Belated Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day ! What's common between Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day ? Besides we celebrated the event on the same date. Well they both have red as colour of luck, passion and romance.

By the way have you guys watched Valentine's Day Movie ???? LOVE IT !!! Especially the last part , where Bradley Cooper and Eric Dane act as a couple ...

"Your Disco Needs You" is an absolutely AMAZING song. Now it is stuck in my head.

Another awesome song by Lady Gaga - "Telephone" The music video is out. WOW, what an awesome music video. Going to get ticket this Friday to see the lady herself at Air Canada Centre July 11.

To my friend Eddie " Gotta Be Somebody For You Out There " , let's just take thing one step at a time especially when it comes to boyfriend =] Sometimes I think I'd be happier with my partner DMG but other times I think I'm better off single and I doesn't need a guy to make me happy. Do any of you feel the same ?

DON'T WORRY. BE HAPPY. What a beautiful philosophy in charmingly simple words. But is it realistic ? Of course not ! HAPPINESS isn't that simple.