Monday, November 26, 2007

What a week !!!

I've been sick since i got back from Boston yesterday, i catched a cold up there, i think. it always happens to me everytime i come back from a trip- must be the air.. i am also a weak person, so i guess it was my time to get sick ..again.I had a good time while in Boston.While staying at the Boston Marriott Newton Hotel, it was very nice, :) ... a super view from the lanai or patio .


Sick in the City

I think I have the flu. I woke up with a fever and chills. I've taken every pill in the house but the fever is still there. 38 degrees. I cannot recall normal body temperature but I reckon is around 36 degrees. Damm C and F temperature scales.

So I am home in bed. "DMG" cuddle me to sleep, make me chicken soup and take my temperature.

So these drugs are making me drowsy so I should lie down. I hope to write again!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day

Happy thanksgiving to all those who celebrate it , a moment of silence to all the sacrifices made today in America. ahhhhh. :)- Happy Turkey Day!!!


E.D.D.I.E Botak

Relationships are hard, and you have a full life with work, friends and family. I wonder if the fear of being alone is worse than the fear of being together with someone?

When I was single, it took me years of work on myself just to be in the same room with my head. I had such issues with being single, but I loved my individuality. I wanted to 'couple' yet I preferred my independence.

You have a beautiful life, that I am sure many of your readers could not possibly imagine for ourselves. Yet you are missing something and it seems your idealistic vision of relationships is falling apart. Idealism is good to an extent, but reality always kicks us in the nuts when we least expect it.

There are a few things you can't rush: You can't rush love, and you can't rush life. All we have is 24 hours at a time. Are you taking your life for granted? And are not practicing the art of gratitude?

You do a lot of talking, but you speak not a word of gratitude about what you have, and material is fleeting and can be lost in an instant.

We walk the middle road, with life passing on the right and the left, it is your choice what you choose to engage in and what you don't.I think you need to prioritize your life and find what is most important before you move forward.

You have so much to offer the world, I would hate for you to piss off a chance to continue doing so.Stay off the pity pot. It is not becoming of you.

Live and Let LiveEasy does it But for the grace of God Think,Think, Think (but don't think too much)

First things First


1. Is there a roof over your head?

2. Is there food in the fridge?

3. Do you have a bed to sleep in?

Then you have all that you need right now, everything else is gravy.

Know that you are in my thoughts.

Love - all the way from Canada.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Happy

Today is my friend Zaza's birthday!!!, Happy birthday sexy's!!! I actually met him few years back at the gym and we've been buddies ever since :)


Golfing @ LionHead Club

I gi golfing with DMG last Saturday at his golf club - nice place , we spent nearly 4 jam kat sane . Apa lagi I gi try le main golf u all for the 1st time ... That day nye cuaca very the nice a bit cold le ... and we need to play golf secepat mungkin as the timing kat sini dah different as by 5pm , waktu dah macam 8 malam. We had a great time there , masa main golf tu macam macam gelagat I buat , goyang bontot nie , before I hit the bola golf in last hole nie , hole 18... tapi adonye , bola tak masuk pung after 3rd attempt baru masuk , itu pung I main tipu ... What I can say , Golf is a very interesting game... so I have a great instructor with me , my DMG !!!! Thinking of playing golf whenever I'm free gitu ...


DMG Cooking Series !!!

Maaf le ye ... Sibuk sangat for the past one week , with my kerja ape lagi ... so this time DMG pulak nak prepare dinner katenye... so dia pung gi le dapur get ready with his dinner preparation. Dah name jantan Cik Jah , masa nak buat dinner , macam - macam bunyi , macam orang gi berperang kat dapur ... Tapi yang dia nak buat just the Julian Salad. We had a great dinner last Sunday and I love his salad so very the much ... u olls.... Nah pics , how sibuk nye DMG kat dapur ...


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Again Masak With Chef LOLA !!!

I rase dah menjadi kebiasaan for both of us to have dinner at home during the weekend. Tu je masa yang I ade untuk masak . This time around I masak different from my last cooking series. This time I go western gitu , Italian kot ! rasenye !!!!

I picked up some Alaskan salmon yesterday at Asian supermarket , so ingat kan nak masak with nasi but I love to have it with pasta so I decided to masak Garlic Shrimp Pasta & Grilled Alaskan Salmon , sekejap je I masak , I have marinade the salmon earlier , I letak dalam fridge for 30 minutes , while waiting for my pasta nak "Al Dante" gitu , I get ready with my pasta sauce , senang je , so once the sauce dah ready I mixed it up with my pasta , just like that and served it while it is HOT .... Waaallaaaaa !!! Salmon , I grill in the oven for 10 minutes , and make sure jangan grill it untill it dry or untill the fish just flakes when tested with fork.

Betty Boo , I baca you nye fotopages about the donut , I gi beli donut this afternoon after my gym workout so I have it as my pencuci mulut for our dinner...

Kenyang sangat nie ... urrrrrrmmmmpppphhhhh !!!! Alhamdulilah :)


Happy Birthday ! Rosie @ Mama Bear

Happy Birthday!

Today is Rosie's birthday - the beautiful woman behind "Pompuan Melayu Di Dallas" !! )Best wishes,


31 + 1

I thought it was going to be the end of the world, but it's not so bad, of course I will miss some things of being "younger".. like saying "oh I am 20-something"... mmm not anymore; I can forsee some challenges on my way such as ...I can't pronounce the word "Thirty" so I will have to learn a new word hehe.... some great things coming my way: I can be feature as a "man over 30" haha ( if you know what I mean).

Ok I should be serious now, I think I should be thankful for making it this far, I mean I am a healthy person, somewhat happy and I even thought I am not 100% content with my life , I can somehow manage to live an "ok" life.As someone told me: "You are just 31 with one more year of more experience"- I like that- I still have to figure out so many things about my life and I think this is the best time to start... I have all the tools I need.. I mean I am an adult right?! hahaMy birthday was great, my hubby "DMG" took me out for all day breakfast @ Sunset Grill.

Spending time with the people I like and love the most was the best present (Nokia Phone, IPod Touch ON Screen and Belgian Choc ....Thank you for all your kind messages and wishes!!!

PS: I am going to the store to get some antiwrinkle cream lol...


The 100th Post

Do I need to explain more? This is my 100th post of PrettySweetBoy what a way to celebrate this moment on my birthday November 2007! Woohoo!


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Party @ Queen Street

My 1st time pegi halloween party this meriah and so many people kat Queen Street ... The Canadian tau je le with their friendly and warm smile... make you so happy to be part of the halloween celebration. I & DMG tak pakai halloween costume pung , we all pakai mask je ... We meeting DMG best friend , EZ and his wife Reiko at the "Ginger" restaurant as we all decided nak jalan-jalan with their dogs "Chu-Chu" & "Macha" . The best part the dog is in their halloween costume. "Chu-Chu - Spiderdog" & "Macha - Witch Dog". The main attraction for that nite ,dua ekor anjing tu , as everyone nak ambik pics with cute gitu... But the event memang happening , all kinds of costume , dari yang seram sampai le yang macam puteri like that ... yang macam pelacur pun adeeeeee atau memang pelacur :) ... The best part yang nampak bontot pung ade !!! Concert pung ade , happening le ... Wish you guys are here with me to celebrate the Halloween... Next year OK !!! I & DMG balik awal at 11pm as we both kena gi kerja esok ... so nak relax gitu as we just got back from our cottage that day as well... Nah gi tengok the pics , best bangat ...

Happy Halloween 2007 EVERYONE !!!